Clean-up tip #1: 

Everyone knows that a bowl of baking soda in the fridge helps to absorb odors. But here’s a tip--add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to the baking soda and you will get a non-toxic way to create an even cleaner scent.

Building and Facility Maintenance: 

We can take care of every aspect of building maintenance from cleaning to handyman chores.  We do high ladder work which can involve dusting and cobweb removal from rafters and duct work.  We do daily and weekly cleaning as well as monthly cleaning which maintains thoroughness. We pay attention to details and get the edges, small ledges, tops of baseboard, tops of mouldings and picture frames. We wash desks.  

We can organize your cleaning schedule for you by the day, week and or month.  We keep track of the schedule of general cleaning, floor cleaning and window cleaning.  We remind you that we are coming up on a schedule date. We get confirmation from you on all occasional work.

Lighting Services: 

We take care of light bulb changing, conversion from less efficient ballast to more efficient ballast or conversion to LED. We advise on light and energy conservation. We can do scheduled light replacements. 

Floor Maintenance: 

We have dedicated floor professionals.  We provide complete floor services from new sealing and waxing to removal of old dingy wax and resurfacing.

Exterior Cleaning

We provide exterior cleaning services, including: parking lot lighting maintenance, clean up in picnic areas, trash areas.  parking lot striping, handicap markings, stall lines, red no parking curbs and gutter cleaning.

Janitorial Supplies: 

We can take care of janitorial supplies and the inventory in your facilities.  All supplies can be purchased through us in a  line itemed organized manner. We can handle everything from kitchen product needs (forks, spoons, etc.) to bathroom needs:  soap, paper towels, dispensers, trash cans and recycling.

Other Services: 

We observe and adhere to the local ordinances and regulations of recycling from composting to single stream. We arrange moving services, partition re-configuration and moving from office to warehouse.

We clean refrigerators and microwave ovens. We stock food cabinets, and keep them organized. We load and unload dishwashers.

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